Prosecutorial Discretion Starting to become Reality?

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

A father and son set to be deported to Peru won a last-minute, temporary reprieve after an Illinois senator intervened on their behalf.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement is delaying for a month the deportation of longtime Concord resident Arturo Rengifo, Sr., and his son, Arturo Rengifo, Jr.  “My mom is able to relax more,” said the 24-year-old son, who would have left his mother and older brother in Concord had he been forced to take the one-way flight to Lima on Tuesday night. “She can actually breathe now. Hopefully more good things will happen, and I will be able to stay in this country.”   The Rengifos are hoping a more lenient Obama administration deportation policy, announced on Aug. 18 but not yet implemented, could keep the family of four together in the Bay Area.  “I have more hope now; I have more faith now. I didn’t pack my bags,” said Arturo Rengifo, Jr., a student at Diablo Valley College and customer service representative at an AT&T store in Richmond. His father is a janitor, and the parents run a day care business at their home.  They applied for political asylum in the 1990s, but Arturo Rengifo, Sr., recently lost his case after several appeals.  News of the 30-day stay came to the family from the office of US Sen. Dick Durbin, which had made calls to immigration officers on the family’s behalf. (Contra Costa Times)


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