Marine fights to bring deported mother back to US

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

For 25 years, Celia Novak lived quietly in Colorado. She raised kids and trained for her nursing license. Then she was deported to Mexico. Novak came here in 1986, began filing papers in 1995 but faced obstacles, including a bitter divorce since then. Now her son, Miguel Valenzuela, is fighting to bring her home. Valenzuela, a US citizen who served in the Marines said: “I feel like I fought for the rights and freedom of everybody except my mom.” Novak’s deportation stems from her divorce in 2002. The citizen she was divorcing wrote a letter to the courts claiming Novak had entered into a false marriage with him for a green card. The judge presiding over Novak’s case and Board of Immigration Appeals found her ex-husband’s claim to be true and she was deported. Novak contacted a senator’s office in the hopes of gaining congressional support for her pending U Visa application. Juarez is one of the most violent cities in Mexico. Novak said, “I feel like I was thrown into the war. I’m fighting for my life.” She witnessed several attacks already, and recently filed a complaint after a man came to her door and threatened her for money. Novak has been dealing with health issues. When she was deported, she stayed in the hospital after becoming ill. Right now, it’s a waiting game. Her family is trying their best to get her home. (greeley trib excerpts)


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