Secure Communities to be deployed nationwide

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

John Morton, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, has terminated a condition in the Secure Communities program: having governors sign a memorandum of agreement.  This move is seen as a reaction to certain governors, such as those in New York, Illinois and Massachusetts, who opposed Secure Communities.  Under the program, the fingerprints of every person booked by the police are checked against Homeland Security databases for immigration violations. That is in addition to routine checks against the FBI’s criminal databases. 

New York Governor Cuomo’s office has noted the “mounting evidence” that the program had not only failed to meet its goal of deporting the most serious immigrant criminals but was also undermining law enforcement and compromising public safety.  Illinois Governor Quinn has noted how the program was not accomplishing its stated goal of deporting convicted criminals, but instead swept up many immigrants who had not been convicted of any crime.  Providence, Rhode Island Mayor Taveras has pointed out, “Local police shouldn’t be doing the work of federal immigration officers.”  

President Obama campaigned with promises how he would deport the “worst of the worst” but his record breaking deportation numbers reflect removals of people deported after minor crimes and no crimes at all. 



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