Tanzania holds 13 Eritrean Red Sea football players after they seek asylum

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

The players did not turn up at the airport, from where they were supposed to fly back home; rather, they surrendered to the Ministry Of Home Affairs, requesting it to give them asylum in Tanzania.  The players of premiership club Red Sea had come to participate in the CECAFA club championships.  The 13 Eritrean players went straight to the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Dar es Salaam, seeking protection as refugees. International law does not allow detention of an individual that seeks asylum through the UNHCR channel. The refugees are likely to remain under the UN refugee agency supervision until a decision on their asylum applications is made. In December 2009, the entire Eritrean football team defected, seeking asylum in Kenya after the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup.  Hundreds of thousands of Eritreans flee as the nation is one of the most repressed in Africa under the oppressive and authoritarian Isaias regime.  Young men and women do not have enough decent employment opportunities and are rather required for decades of national service in the army or lowly paid government jobs. Statistics reveal that Eritrean nationals are the largest refuge seekers in the world (ezega.com)



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