Brewer: Arizona good, Utah not so good. And a different opinion from the Tequila Party.

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the Salt Lake Tribune, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer defended that state’s tough immigration law, saying she thinks it is preferable to the course that Utah took and insisting the state has not suffered an economic backlash from its passage.  “I am very, very supportive and believe SB1070 is the right way to go and believe eventually it will be held up as the law,” Brewer said.  Fearing the fallout that Arizona suffered after passing its tough immigration bill, Utah lawmakers opted for a less stringent enforcement bill and included a first-of-its-kind state-based guest-worker bill.  Brewer said she supports guest-worker laws, but they shouldn’t apply — as Utah’s does — to immigrants who have entered the country illegally.  “We have laws,” she said. “I think we’re a nation of laws, and crossing the border is illegal.”  The Arizona governor said that, contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t believe Arizona’s economy has been damaged by the passage of its controversial immigration law.  “I don’t believe that’s true,” she said. “We just got our revenue estimates from our tourism bureau and it’s up, better than ever.” NOTE:  Tequila Party and SOMOS Republicans had this to say:  “SB 1070 caused small Arizona business owners to suffer an immediate 40% loss in sales.  We lost millions upon millions of dollars in tourism as people cancelled conventions and boycotted our state for the bigotry-related law. Home foreclosures skyrocketed as families departed the state.  The agricultural industry experienced a labor shortage in which crops and lettuce did not get picked because nobody was there to pick it under the scorching sun leaving grocery stores to import their crops while raising our prices.  SB 1070 was an economic disaster.”


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