The Tequila Party is starting

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Tequila Party  is holding its kickoff  in Tucson. Loosely inspired by the  Tea Party, the Tequila Party was created to mobilize a record number of Latinos to go out and vote in the 2012 election. The independent, grass-roots group is the brainchild of Fernando Romero, a Democrat who is president of Hispanics in Politics, a nonpartisan Nevada group. The Tequila Party gets its impetus from the deep-seated Latino disillusionment with President Obama’s performance on issues important to them.  The reason is not only Obama’s failure to fulfill his promise of securing immigration reform, but his enthusiastic endorsement of indiscriminate deportations that have resulted in expelling close to 1 million people in the three years he has been in office.  A Justice Department investigation sponsored by Rep. José Serrano reaffirms that Hispanics – regardless of immigration status – are increasingly in danger of being victims of hate crimes. “The study has a very disturbing message: Latinos are increasingly under violent attack in our nation,” said Serrano.  The Tequila Party could be a reality check for Obama and the Democrats. In any case the reality is that the number of Latinos eligible to vote went from 13 million in 2000 to 21 million in 2010, and 12 million of them are expected to vote in 2012. No politician can afford to ignore them.  (ny daily news op-ed excerpts)


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