Arizona’s Hispanic Population Higher

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Arizona’s Hispanic population continued to drive growth in the state in the past decade. Hispanics made up nearly 30% of the state’s 6.4 million residents during the count that began in April 2010, up from slightly more than 25% during the 2000 census. That’s a 46% growth rate for the decade. The state’s white, non-Hispanic population as a proportion of the total population fell to less than 58% from nearly 64% in 2000. “I think that the pattern that we’re seeing across the country is consistent in Arizona,” said Arturo Vargas, executive director for the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. “If not the majority, certainly the most significant share of the state’s population growth itself is due to the increase of its Hispanic population. I think it’s reasonable to assume that the anti-immigrant, which many Latinos perceive as anti-Latino, sentiment, is having an effect on Arizona’s children,” he said. “I think that probably will affect their views on their political participation when they then 18.” (AP)



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