Jeb Bush on Immigration Reform, again

February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Jeb Bush, who was the featured speaker at the inaugural Marco Town Hall Speaker Series event, addressed federal policies and agenda in his speech, but later dispelled rumors of a presidential run in 2 years. “It’s very flattering that people would consider me worthy of that pursuit.” he said. Bush has even avoided speaking in Iowa – even though he’s been invited repeatedly – because it’s an early primary state. “I don’t want to raise speculation,” he said. Though Bush has been coy about possible presidential plans beyond 2012, he was more transparent about his views about America’s politics and its future. “The world (doesn’t view) the US as the gold standard anymore,” Bush said. “That troubles me.” Bush believes the federal government should prioritize energy, education, and immigration reform while reducing regulation that’s he said prevent innovation. But he said agencies with “alphabet soup” acronyms create burdens for entrepreneurs, so they go to other countries. “As people … try to envision a return on their investment all of this rewriting of policy and the uncertainty brings creates new problems,” he said. “That doubt and uncertainty makes it harder to innovate.” Amending immigration laws and policy may encourage growth, according to Bush. He believes immigration reform should come in 2 phases. In the 1st phase, the federal government would focus more resources on border security measures and use methods of internal oversight, such as E-verify. During the 2nd phase of reform, Bush said lawmakers should amend federal polices to encourage young, aspirational immigrants the opportunity to become permanent citizens. “We should say (that) we want the aspiring next generation to create prosperity for us,” he said. According to Bush, the US needs a diverse and high-achieving “next generation” to “allow the generation that is retiring to live in dignity.” “It’s not popular, but you do the math,” Bush said. “A declining population of older people will not be able to achieve economic growth.” Trey Radel, host of a political radio show, doesn’t think Bush’s immigration policies deviate from the conservative zeitgeist. “He’s a principled conservative. He can talk about these issues with depth. He comes from a worldly perspective,” Radel said. (naples news)


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