Latinos call for time-out on immigration bills

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Latino leaders and lawmakers called on the Utah Legislature to stop pushing bills for 2 years that target illegal immigration and give Congress a chance to adopt national solutions. “No matter what we do in this state, it’s not going to change the dynamic of immigration nationally,” said Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero, D-Salt Lake City. He introduced SJR18 to formally call for a time-out on immigration-related bills. “It is not a fix to have a patchwork of state involvement in this issue,” he said. He was supported at a Capitol news conference by former US Attorney for Utah Brett Tolman. “Congress needs to take this issue as its No. 1 priority and recognize the impact that its failure to act is having on each individual state,” Tolman said. Several Latino leaders also joined in support. Archie Archuleta, president of the Utah Coalition of La Raza, said Romero’s resolution is needed “to brook this huge tsunami-like wave of anti-immigration” efforts in the Legislature. He added, “This is a federal issue. … It is time to put immigration law where it rightfully belongs: in the hand of Congress and the President. Stop the waste of resources and brain power on rat-hole legislation.” (Salt Lake Tribune)


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