10 Things You Must Know About Deportation Defense

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Anyone who reads these blog posts will see an ever-growing trend. Nearly 800,000 deportations in the last two years. (They have been calling it “removal” since 1997 but it’s the same thing)

If you or someone you know and love is faced with the prospect of deportation, what you must know is the following:

1. You have a right to a hearing.
2. You have the right to an attorney.
3. However, unlike in criminal cases, the right to counsel does not include free legal representation.
4. You thus must find a lawyer and retain services for legal defense.
5. The court will provide an interpreter in any language, no matter what, for anyone on trial or witnesses whose first language is not English.
6. Please understand that this process is very complicated.
7. Do your research. Do not just call local attorneys who say that they “do immigration cases.”
8. Do not start by asking for a free consultation. This is your life. NOT the time to go bargain hunting.
9. Look for a lawyer who concentrates in deportation defense. Ask how long they have been practicing and what they can tell you about your case, how often they appear in Immigration Court, and how many similar cases they have handled.
10. Again, this is your life. Do not let the cost dictate who you hire. Be sure that you feel comfortable putting your life in another’s hands. Nobody brags about what a great bargain they got from the doctor who performed successful, life-saving heart surgery or cured their cancer.

Too many folks come into our office, looking to hire us to appeal a deportation order. The first thing they say is “I should have hired someone like you before my first hearing.” Be careful out there.


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