Inadequate state funding, not immigration, drives Texas’ poor outcomes for children

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

… says a press release from Texans Care for Children, trumpeting “A Report on the Bottom Line: Conditions for Children and the Texas of Tomorrow.” Texas “is not a poor state,” with median household income of about $50,000 in 2009, placing the state roughly in the middle of the pack. But Texas ranks near the bottom in child well-being, as measured by national groups Every Child Matters and Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT. The litany of poor rankings is familiar: A Texas child is nearly twice as likely as the average American child to not have access to health care. About 50% more likely to be born to a teen mother. And so on. Yet the report says that all the other cellar-dweller states — essentially, the “Bubba belt” from South Carolina to Oklahoma and New Mexico — are truly poor. Like Texas, they’re low-tax states. But they’re not high-immigration states, as Texas is, the report says. “Using multiple regression analysis, we found many factors can be linked to a state’s positive or negative ranking for child well-being,” it said. “Several issues within a state’s control, like education, health care, and levels of investment in public structures, had significant links to child well-being, while the presence or absence of immigrant populations did not.”
Texans Care for Children is a nonpartisan, nonprofit group that advocates for kids, trying to change policies on health care, mental health, child abuse, juvenile justice and poverty eradication. (dallas morning news)


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