Greece plans to build its own fence to stop Asian and African border crossers

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Greece aims to build an 8-mile border fence and boost its coast guard to stem illegal immigration via neighboring Turkey. Greece’s Public Order Minister Christos Papoutsis, who announced the plan Monday, said it was necessary after more than 100,000 people entered Greece illegally in 2010. “This is the hard reality and we have an obligation to the Greek citizens to deal with it,” Papoutsis said in a statement. “Greek society has exceeded its limit in its capacity to accommodate illegal immigrants.” The European Union called the decision to build border reinforcements “short-term measures which will not allow us to tackle illegal immigration in a structural manner.” “We made clear with Greece that the country needs sound and long-term structural reforms and measures to better manage its border, to better address the challenges linked to migration flows,” European Commission spokesman Michele Cercone was quoted as saying Monday by news Web site Euractiv. The fence would be built along the Greek-Turkish border in Orestiada in northeastern Greece, a regional hotbed of illegal immigration. An increasing number of migrants from Asia and Africa are using the Orestiada area to enter illegally the European Union after Brussels boosted surveillance along its sea borders. Athens also plans to increase financial support for its coast guards. (UPI)


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