From UFC winner to Brazilian fugitive, Maiquel Falcao anxious to put recent events behind

December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

A vet of nearly 30 fights in his native Brazil, Falcao finally got to UFC and looked impressive in spurts during a win over Gerald Harris. But with the highs came a few lows, and Falcao was detained by police shortly after returning to his native country. Now released, he’s anxious to put the entire episode behind. “I was giving an interview to one of the local TV channels of my hometown, and when I finished it, there was a policeman there who said that I had to go to the police station to answer some questions about the reason why I was ‘missing,'” Falcao said. Once at the station, Falcao discovered the police were interested in discussing an assault charge from 2002. “I was at a club with a couple of friends, and one of them had an argument with another group of guys,” Falcao said. “They started fighting, and soon it became a fight between two groups. One girl got injured in the lips during this mess and took me and my friends to court. I was considered guilty for aggression. “I was supposed to present myself regularly and could not leave the town, but I did not know that because the lawyer said that I could move. I moved to another city to train in a better team, and because this lawyer did not say anything to the judge about it, I was considered missing.” However, Falcao was anything but missing, and he returned to the town regularly both to fight and visit friends and relatives. He’s uncertain why the authorities waited until this year to apprehend him. “My face was in the newspaper every time I won a fight in Brazil,” Falcao said. “It was always saying where I was living and where I was training, and I never had a problem.” Falcao says the authorities treated him with the utmost respect throughout the process. The 29-year-old said the Brazilian police now understand he was never truly a fugitive and are working to clear up the entire matter. (mmajunkie)


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