I’ve been here since age 2. Now I’m 52, and they’re gonna deport me.

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mike Burrows came here when he was 2, and has lived here for 50 years. And he will likely be deported to his birthplace of Canada within weeks, a country that he has no current connection to and no memory of: “I was born in Calgary, Alberta. My dad worked for Capitol Records. He received a transfer to L.A., got permanent residence for the family and we moved to the US. I grew up in Glendale, California, where I said the pledge of allegiance, played baseball, and lived like any American.” Burrows is the poster child demonstrating the hysteria surrounding the immigration debate in the US. He has built his life in America, he has children, parents, girlfriend, and all of his friends here. Mike has worked and paid taxes. He worked his way up in the car business from sales to GM. But Mike was convicted of receipt of a stolen 8-track tape deck worth $50, a misdemeanor in 1978, when he was 18. This conviction was expunged from his record in 1983. Although Mike is officially considered a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), the 1996 law was applied retroactively, and in 2001 Mike was found “removable.” For the past 9 years, Mike Burrows has been fighting a legal battle against an intractable bureaucracy. He spent a month in a detention center before having his $10,000 bail processed. Now, having exhausted all legal channels to appeal his decision, Mike waits at his home for ICE agents to send him to a land he has never known. Once deported, Mike would likely never be able to see his parents again as they are too elderly and too infirm to travel, especially his mother who has Alzheimer’s, or his daughter again until she is 18. There is a lifetime ban on re-entry for “criminal” aliens, with a penalty of up to twenty years in Federal prison should he cross over the border after removal, even though his grandfather was a South Dakota state senator who owned a cattle ranch. (newsjunkiepost)


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