Agriculture Jobs Bill to be added ?

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

In an attempt to round up more votes on the DREAM Act immigration bill, House leaders are looking at adding an agriculture jobs bill that would ease rules for farm laborers. The House is expected to vote on the DREAM Act Wednesday, with the Senate holding a test vote on the measure later in the day. The agriculture bill, known as AgJobs, is designed to lure the votes of more rural members of the House. “There’s been years of support [for AgJobs] from moderate Republicans and Democrats from agricultural districts,” said one leading immigration advocate, who added that the idea of pairing the two measures has been batted around for several days. “That’s been the thinking — that AgJobs will bring votes to DREAM.” The Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act would allow migrant farmworkers to come to the U.S. through a guest worker program and eventually apply to become permanent legal residents. (politico)


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