Positive economic impacts of the H-2B visa program

December 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

The US Chamber of Commerce and ImmigrationWorks USA on 12/1 released a report examining the positive economic impacts of the H-2B visa program and its importance to the US business community. The report, “The Economic Impact of H-2B Workers,” addresses the attacks by critics who often rely on rhetoric and hypothetical scenarios, not hard economic data. Key findings of an independent economic analysis conducted for this report show that the H-2B visa program does not depress wages of US workers in similar occupations and H-2B workers do not take jobs from their U.S. counterparts. Supplementing these core findings is testimony from employers who use the program and also several illustrative profiles – of an H-2B employer, an H-2B worker, and a community that relies heavily on an H-2B workforce. “Employers who use the H-2B visa program are employers determined to follow the law,” said Randel K. Johnson, senior vice president of Labor, Immigration, and Employee Benefits for the US Chamber. “While the number of workers in the program is extremely small when compared to the overall US workforce, employers in many sectors count on the H-2B visa program to keep their businesses open and growing” (The Financial)


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