Mass immigration from Ireland

December 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Kylee O’Brien lays out her wares — trappings of a life in Ireland brought to an abrupt end by the country’s economic crisis. She’s selling almost everything her family owns and heading overseas, just like thousands of others fleeing the debt-wracked country, pushing emigration to a level not seen since Ireland’s financial gloom of the 80s. Ireland’s young have long roved the world, moving in tens of thousands to the US, Britain and elsewhere, fleeing famine in the 1800s, a stagnant economy after World War II and dark years that preceded the mid-1990s. Now current woes have revived a belief that the grass is greener away from the Emerald Isle, leaving many among Ireland’s 4.5 million population pondering a future elsewhere. O’Brien, 34, decided a month ago it was time to shift her family to her native Australia. Those leaving Ireland now are slightly older, vastly better qualified and bound for jobs in IT, law and the financial sector — not on foreign construction sites. (CTV)


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