I’m a senior at Harvard and I’m undocumented

November 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

“I was a little girl who hadn’t even learned the alphabet when I overstayed my visa. If the DREAM Act doesn’t pass, I might have to take my degree and go back to a country I never knew. I’m a senior at Harvard and I’m undocumented. I’ve spent most of my life keeping my immigration status a secret, but in retrospect it seems that I could have been more discreet at times. I watched September’s live vote of the DREAM Act—the controversial legislation that would pave the way toward amnesty for illegal immigrants who have grown up and gone to college here—as I pretended to take notes in one of my political science seminars. Classmates on either side of me, who may have suspected my secret, shot me glances that alternated between the confused and the sorry as I fumbled with my laptop and watched the C-Span live stream on mute. It didn’t look to be going well. Harry Reid looked flustered. And then I saw the news ticker flash announce what I already knew—the DREAM Act was not going in for a vote. As this lame-duck session draws to a close, and even as Reid and Nancy Pelosi make promises to bring the legislation up for a vote before the new Republican Congress takes power, I am still fumbling with my laptop, signing petitions I fear are useless, and watching the news alerts pour into my inbox. This time, I am protecting my heart. I know the DREAM Act will probably once again wither away. I know supporting it is political suicide and I don’t expect anyone to put their political careers on the line for me or my family. It’s always been just the four of us and I know it probably always will be.” (Daily Beast)


§ One Response to I’m a senior at Harvard and I’m undocumented

  • Observer says:

    Why don’t you get a student visa. Many Harvard students are from abroad. Does your native country not need highly educated people?

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