Jose Salcedo talks about being undocumented

November 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

“I came to the US when I was 9. I grew up in a country where football was played with your hands instead of your feet. I grew up seeing my mom enslave herself in a factory in order to provide a home for me. I tried my hardest to excel in everything that I did in order to make her proud, and so far I have done an acceptable job. I graduated top 4% of my HS class, which was close to 700 students. I was accepted into Honors College at Miami Dade College and I was elected Student Govt President at InterAmerican Campus. I represent 170,000 students in the Board of Trustees. Never have I been convicted of any crimes because I have never committed any. I also enjoy long walks on the beach and watching the sunset. On the other hand, I have been called a leech, a parasite, a pariah, an alien, a criminal, and many more descriptive names just because I don’t have the proper documentation to live in the US. Also the misconception of being an immigrant, that many networks in tv and radio spread, puts thoughts into peoples’ minds which later on hurt us the kids. Their words feel like swords trying to cut into my soul, but I don’t let them because I know I’m none of those descriptive adjectives that they call me. I have let my actions speak louder than my words and I have proven not only to myself and my mother but also to all others out there that I’m not a criminal. Yes I was brought at a young age and this situation puts me in an awful spot, but I keep striving for the best for me and all others who are in my position. Every morning I have to wake up at least an hour and a half earlier in order to get ready and go to school. I have to either catch the bus or walk because I don’t have a license to drive, but I don’t complain because who needs a car when you have your two feet as well as public transportation where you can network all you want? Along with waking up really early every morning, I always look down at this bright yellow wristband that I never take off and I read the words that are inscribed on it. “LIVESTRONG” (all credit to the Livestrong Foundation. The last thing I need is a lawsuit.) It reads and to tell you the truth that’s my life, I live strong everyday because there is no other way to live. I get up and do my daily routine and I see that this life is my beautiful struggle because even though I might be considered one of the worse criminals out there, it makes me appreciate every detail in life. I appreciate every step I take, every breath I take, every person I meet, every color I see, every sound I hear, every hello and goodbye, but above all I appreciate the little details that make life worth living.”


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