Issues with issuing Visas

November 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

A recent chain mail in Kipp’s in box started something like this: “You know you are an expat from the Gulf when the word VISA conjures images of credit cards for most, but for you means a page in your passport.” It couldn’t be any truer. Living in this limbo-like security of the UAE, the possession of a UAE visa is source of much importance and contention for expats: Your visa could tie you down to your current employer or, on the flip side, if you employer decided to cut the ties between the two of you, your visa could also render you homeless as well as unemployed. Or even worse, unable to return to the country for a while. For a while, the UAE was granting long-term visas for investors of real-estate, but it seems the offer crashed along with the property boom (not to mention without a lucid explanation of any kind). (kipp report)


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