Immigrants face worst racial abuse: UN

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Their search for an easier life through securing better jobs in the Western world is not really what they dreamed of – a nightmare is more of an apt description. Immigration law in Arizona in the US is not adhering to basic human rights laws and immigrants face the worst form of racial discrimination, according to the UN expert on racism and xenophobia. “In many parts of the world today immigrants bear the brunt of xenophobic intolerance and this is true of the United States, of Europe and many parts of the world,” Githu Muigai, a UN special rapporteur, told journalists this week. Muigai said that immigration law of Arizona, which allows the police to stop and question anyone they suspect may be in the country illegally, has been subject to criticism both inside the US and abroad. Noting that this was a form of stigmatisation, negative stereotyping and ethnic profiling, Muigai said, “the law equips the policeman and other law enforcement person on the beat with such immense powers that it compromises very very fundamental human rights. (indian express)


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