A second chance at making case for political asylum

October 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

After spending weeks in detention and being threatened with deportation, Benny Honorio finally received the news he has been waiting more than a year to hear. The longtime South Bay resident has been granted a second chance by the federal Board of Immigration Appeals to make his case for political asylum. Honorio’s attorney received the official letter Thursday. Honorio, 44, is seeking asylum for fear that he could be tortured and killed because of past political practices if he ever steps foot back in the Philippines. The decision means Honorio can remain in the United States legally until a federal immigration judge rules on the political asylum request. Honorio has been on supervised release since he was set free from a Yuba County jail on Oct. 5. “It was a lot of work to get here, and it was a lot of stress for so many people,” said Rajat Kuver, Honorio’s attorney. “I consider Benny to be a really innocent victim in this whole process. He did everything that he we supposed to do; he filed everything on time. It was simply a mistake made by somebody, and then he was taken into custody.” That error, or miscommunication, was made by Honorio’s previous attorney, who gave Honorio the wrong time for a court hearing in March 2009, according to Kuver. Honorio thought he had arrived early for the hearing but actually missed the proceeding entirely. The judge held the hearing and ordered him deported. (Mercury News)


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