NY POST says Obama treats immigrants in AZ & TX differently

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

… the Border Patrol in San Diego successfully stopped dozens of illegals from being smuggled into the US by boat … attempts to gain access to the US via San Diego’s beachfront have skyrocketed recently but that’s got to be due to the effectiveness of the double fence which was constructed to prevent land crossings. Now human traffickers are forced to try their hand at piloting boats and other maritime vessels to sneak illegals into the country.  Meanwhile a program to increase the number of deportations of criminal illegal immigrants has gone into effect in Texas and is seeing good results. The program — Secure Communities — draws fingerprint data from local jails of those who have been arrested and sends that data to the Department of Homeland Security to determine whether the individual has a lawful right to be in the US. Funny that the Obama administration doesn’t want Arizona to help with the enforcement of federal immigration laws but they are supporting just such enforcement in Texas.


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