Irish immigrant, age 79, beats deportation case

September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bridie Murphy, the 79-year-old Irish immigrant from West Roxbury who faced deportation after her green card was confiscated, says she is happy to learn that officials agreed to drop the case.  She will now seek US citizenship, so the situation will never arise again.  US Immigration and Customs Enforcement dropped deportation proceedings against Mrs. Murphy after being contacted by the Globe.  Mrs. Murphy has been a legal permanent resident since 1979, was married to a US citizen and has four US citizen children, two of whom are in the US military. Her son, Patrick, a sergeant in the Army, is currently deployed in Kuwait. Another son, Peter, has been in the Air Force for 20 years.  Mrs. Murphy surrendered her green card to ICE agents when she returned from an 11-month visit to her daughter in Ireland.  The surrender resulted from a three-hour interrogation. Before leaving for an extended stay with her daughter, Mrs. Murphy had checked with Immigration and told her residency would not be affected as long as she did not stay out for more than a year.   ICE lawyers have now filed a motion to dismiss the case, so it is unlikely that Mrs. Murphy will have to appear in court Nov. 17.  Mrs. Murphy has been entitled to apply for US citizenship since shortly after her 1957 marriage to US citizen Patrick Murphy, but was intimidated by the process and was satisfied with her green card.  But, given her experience, Lavery said that will change.    (Oh, and then she can vote, too)


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