wake up! a short story on the real numbers of who moves to America

September 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

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Immigration – both legal and illegal – is the hot-button political issue – and some would say moral issue – of the moment. It also has economic implications.  Last year, USDHS reported that more than one million folks from 200 countries were legally added to our population. By far the most were from Mexico. There were nearly 165,000 of them. The second largest group of immigrants last year – more than 64,000 of them – came from China. The third largest group of immigrants – more than 57,000 of them – was from India. But would you expect that more than 29,000 came from Vietnam, almost 22,000 from Pakistan, nearly 19,000 from Iran and another 12,000 from Iraq and even more than 3,000 from Afghanistan? With the exception of China, the list of countries from which most illegal aliens come is very similar to the list of countries of origin for legal aliens. Estimates are that about 10 times as many Poles and Portuguese come into our country illegally as come in legally. Known as a nation of immigrants from the beginning, in the U.S. today, about eight of every 100 people were foreign born.


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