This Government has completely lost control of our borders

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Australia:  The Federal Government has moved to relieve the pressure on the country’s already full immigration detention facilities by making room for at least another 900 asylum seekers.  Announcing the decision to boost places today, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the extra beds were needed while refugee applications are being processed.  About 5,000 asylum seekers are being held in centres across the country.  The capacity of Curtin Detention Centre in Western Australia will be doubled to hold an extra 600 men, while Scherger Air Force base near Weipa in far north Queensland will be able to take another 300 men.  The Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation facility will also be expanded to hold more families and children in the “short to medium-term”.  “These arrangements are required as a matter of priority to ease the pressure on existing facilities,” Mr Bowen said.  “In coming weeks, I will be reviewing the longer-term detention accommodation needs and taking steps to ensure appropriate arrangements are in place to meet ongoing and longer-term requirements.”  Mr Bowen says more case managers, mental health support teams and medical staff will be available at all places.  Opposition Leader Tony Abbott today accused the Government of trying to hide its expansion plans from the public during the election campaign.  “What this demonstrates is that this is a Government which has already broken faith with the Australian people and frankly it should be judged very harshly by the Australian people,” he said.  “This is a political party that will say and do anything to stay in office.”  “This Government has completely lost control of our borders. If we didn’t have the boats, we wouldn’t need the detention centres.”


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