Harry Reid is sorry

August 14, 2010 § Leave a comment


Discussion about the 14th Amendment and its granting of citizenship to anyone born in the United States heated up again on Friday, this time focused on an attempt made by Harry Reid more than 15 years ago to end so-called birthright citizenship.  The Senate majority leader is a supporter of comprehensive immigration legislation. And he does not currently favor looking into changing the 14th Amendment, an idea now being floated by some leading Republicans.  But, as more than a couple news outlets pointed out on Friday, Mr. Reid did sponsor legislation in 1993 that would have, among other things, increased patrols at the border and rolled back the practice of giving citizenship to babies born in America to illegal immigrants. The Nevada Democrat’s office responded on Friday that some of those accounts were not telling the whole story, saying that Mr. Reid had already apologized and expressed regret four years ago for pushing that measure. Mr. Reid said on the Senate floor in April 2006 that both his wife and attendees at a Las Vegas town hall expressed their disappointment with him after he introduced a measure that concentrated on securing the border between Mexico and the United States. “That is a low point of my legislative career,” he said during a Senate debate on immigration legislation.


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